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Table 2 Unique characteristics of participant sample from interview dataa

From: Perspectives from primary health care providers on their roles for supporting adolescents and young adults transitioning from pediatric services

Unique characteristics n (%)
Remuneration model
 Fee-for-service 8 (44.4%)
 Salary based 10 (55.6%)
 Leadership or management position (e.g., medical team lead) 3 (16.7%)
Expertise working with marginalized AYA populations
 Mental health 15 (83.3%)
 Addictions 4 (22.2%)
 Homelessness 1 (5.6%)
Worked at academic teaching clinic
 Belongs to more than one PCN, or works in multiple clinics 5 (27.8%)
 Employed in a “unique role” for AYA (e.g., pediatric case manager) 4 (22.2%)
 Offers after-school hours (for patient appointments, phone calls, etc.) 5 (27.8%)
 Co-manages care with pediatricians 7 (38.9%)
 Works in clinic with umbrella model/offers multiple services 9 (50%)
  1. aInformation was spontaneously provided by participants during interviews