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Table 1 Characteristics of analysis samples. Mean and standard deviation (in parentheses) for numerical variables, proportions for categorical variables

From: Recent trends and variations in general practitioners’ involvement in accident care in Switzerland: an analysis of claims data

 Main analysis sample
outpatient cases only
N = 2,007,513
Supplemental analysis sample
including inpatient cases
N = 2,195,559
Direct medical costs (CHF, first 24 months)806
(SD = 1448)
(SD = 10,215)
Incapacity duration
 3 days or less57.6%53.2%
 More than 3 days14.5%13.8%
 10 days or more17.5%17.5%
 More than 1 month8.5%10.5%
 More than 1 quarter1.8%4.1%
 More than 1 year0.1%0.9%
Patient’s place of residence
Patient’s gender
Patient’s citizenship
Patient’s age36.8
(SD = 12.6)
(SD = 12.7)
Occupational vs. non-occupational accident
Anatomical location of injury
 Face, nose, ear, jaw4.0%3.9%
 Shoulder, upper arm6.6%7.4%
 Lower arm, elbow3.8%3.9%
 Wrist, hand, finger25.1%23.9%
 Lower leg, ankle, foot21.6%21.2%
 Pelvis, hip, thigh, abdomen4.2%4.2%
 Torso, back, spine, neck10.8%10.5%
 Other, multiple2.2%2.5%
Injury type
 Foreign body6.8%6.3%
 Sprain, strain22.3%22.4%
 Bite, burn, abrasion6.1%5.8%