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Table 1 Participant demographic and health information

From: How do older adults understand and manage distress? A qualitative study

PseudonymRetiredMarried PartnerSelf-reported
physical health problems
AnneYesNoDiabetes, osteoporosis, recovering from hip replacement
CarolYesNoBreast cancer (in remission), recovering from hip replacement, broken wrist and rib, bladder problems
DianeYesYesRecovering from hip replacement, actinic keratosis
ElizabethYesNoArthritis, COPD,
recovering from hip replacement
FrancesYesYesArthritis, high blood pressure
GillianYesYesHeart murmur, stroke
HelenYesYesSleep apnoea, benign brain tumour
JanetYesYesArthritis, COPD
KathleenYesYesBurst ear drum, awaiting small bowel resection
LeslieYesYesBroken ankle, high cholesterol
MichaelYesYesMinor hearing loss, glaucoma
NigelYesYesRecovering from heart surgery
OwenYesYesDiabetes, high cholesterol
RobertNoNoArthritis, COPD, awaiting shoulder and spinal surgery
StephenYesYesCOPD, recovering from heart operation
  1. *COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease