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Table 2 Statements and factor loadings

From: Views of patients with multi-morbidity on what is important for patient-centered care in the primary care setting

# Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Patient preferences
1Being treated with dignity and respect–133
2Taking into account my wishes and preferences–1–10
3Taking into account the influence that the treatment can have on my life11–1
4Being supported to achieve my treatment goals11−2
Physical comfort
5Giving attention to my physical comfort (such as the management of pain, shortness of breath)220
6Clean and comfortable (waiting) rooms–20−1
7Sufficient privacy in the treatment room(s) and at the counter−100
Coordination of care
8That everyone is well informed; only having to tell my story once0−23
9Well attuned care among the practitioners involved220
10A contact person who knows everything about my illness and care3− 30
11Being able to easily contact someone with questions121
Continuity of care
12Being well informed about where to go and why when referred to another care provider (specialist/dietician/physiotherapist)202
13With a referral, all my information is passed on correctly101
14Advice (such as on medication) from different practitioners (medical specialists and family doctor) is well attuned221
Emotional support
15Emotional support−31−1
16Paying attention to possible feelings of fear, gloom, and anxiety−21−2
17Paying attention to the impact of my health on my private life (family, relatives, work, social life)−3−1−2
Access to care
18Not having problems going from my home to my family doctor and back again0−22
19Free, available care and medication (without extra payment)−2−12
20Easily and quickly scheduling an appointment012
21Not having to wait long before it is my turn at an appointment−1−20
Information and education
22Being well informed30−1
23A good explanation for all the information I receive001
24Easy access to my own data (lab results, medication overview, referrals)1−1−1
25Being able to ask all the questions I want031
Family and friends
26Involving relatives in my treatment−2−2−3
27Giving attention to care and support provided by family members0−3−2
28Giving attention to possible questions or needs from my family members−1−1−3