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Table 2 Number of different medications used and number of different prescribing clinics per individual during one year in a sample of 271 primary health care patients. One prescription fill during the study period (365 days) was enough to be classified as a user of a medication. Values are results of chi-square tests performed separately for each category. P-values should be interpreted using the Bonferroni adjusted alpha level of 0.01

From: Does early identification of high work related stress affect pharmacological treatment of primary care patients? - analysis of Swedish pharmacy dispensing data in a randomised control study

 TotalIntervention groupControl group  
 Nn%n%Χ2 (df.)p
No. of different medications
 0261712.996.53.2 (1)0.074
 1–41336247.07151.10.5 (1)0.50
 5–10844735.63726.62.6 (1)0.11
  > 102864.52215.89.3 (1)0.002
No. of different prescribing clinics
 0261712.996.53.2 (1)0.074
 11024634.85640.30.8 (1)0.36
 2–31106045.55036.02.5 (1)0.11
  > 33396.82417.36.9 (1)0.007