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Table 1 The general practitioner’s causality assessment and management of psychological stress according to the patient’s sex and age

From: General practitioners’ management of patients with psychological stress: audit results from Denmark

Age and sex of the patientsTotalFemale (ref)Male18–34 yrs. (ref)35–54 yrs55–65 yrs
Number of patients785551234167464154
GP assessed causes of stressWork69%74%61%*63%71%69%
Physical disease11%10%13%10%11%13%
Other cause12%11%15%*20%9%*12%
Benzodiazep or Z-drugs8%7%12%*6%8%12%
None of the above63%66%58%72%62%56%*
Period of sick-leave due to the stress54%57%48%*44%58%*54%
Counselling in general practice49%50%47%46%52%43%
Referred to psychologist39%41%35%41%38%39%
Referred to dpt. of occupational medicine6%7%5%3%7%7%
Reported to OSHA7%7%5%4%8%6%
Participated in municipality stress program8%9%3%*5%9%5%
  1. * p < 0.05 compared to the reference (ref). OHSA, Occupational Safety- and Health-Administration