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Table 3 Overview of specific health- professional items and items assessing overall quality

From: Safety, efficiency and health-related quality of telephone triage conducted by general practitioners, nurses, or physicians in out-of-hours primary care: a quasi-experimental study using the Assessment of Quality in Telephone Triage (AQTT) to assess audio-recorded telephone calls

Items assessing specific health-related aspects
 1:Collects information about location
 2:Asks to speak to the patient when caller has briefly described the situation
 3:Identifies and acts appropriately on signs that could be critical or life-threatening for the patient (signs of problems according to the ABCDE criteria)
 4:Identifies and uncovers problems, including symptoms and their development
 5:Identifies and states the purpose of the patient’s call
 6:Prioritises the presented problems and symptoms appropriately
 7:Asks (as a minimum) all essential questions concerning the problem(s) and symptom(s) to gain the information required for optimal triage
 8:Asks the relevant questions concerning previous medical history and medications
 9:Gives relevant advice on self-care
 10:Gives relevant advice on safety netting
 11:Selects optimal triage decision
Items assessing overall quality:
 22:How would you assess the overall health-professional quality?
 23:How would you assess the overall patient safety?
 24:How would you assess the overall efficiency?
  1. Items 12 to 21 focused on the quality of communication, which will be presented in another paper