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Table 1 Description of the OOH organisations in two included telephone triage models

From: Safety, efficiency and health-related quality of telephone triage conducted by general practitioners, nurses, or physicians in out-of-hours primary care: a quasi-experimental study using the Assessment of Quality in Telephone Triage (AQTT) to assess audio-recorded telephone calls

 GP cooperative (GPC)Medical helpline 1813 (MH-1813)
RegionCentral Denmark RegionCapital Region of Denmark
Population1.2 m citizens [28]1.8 m citizens [29]
Telephone calls in 2014 [30]697,000911,000
OrganiserGPs in the regionRegional administration
Organisation and services▪ Telephone triage, home visits, and face-to-face consultations at the GPC
▪ GPs are obliged to take part in the service
▪ Telephone triage and home visits run by MH-1813
▪ Face-to-face consultations are located in hospital facilities and managed by EDs
Remuneration of professionalsFee for servicePayment by the hour
Triage professionalGPs or GP trainees in their final year of speciality; no CDSS availableNurses who are obliged to use a CDSS and option to redirect calls to a physician Physicians with different medical specialities (a minority being GPs)