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Table 1 Concerns in the most recent case of a euthanasia request

From: Physicians’ experiences with euthanasia: a cross-sectional survey amongst a random sample of Dutch physicians to explore their concerns, feelings and pressure

 Request refusedRequest grantedp-value
Total N = 248aTotal N = 245a
N (%)N (%)
I was dreading
 The emotional burden of performing EAS107 (48.0%)140 (58.3%)0.026
 The emotional burden of preparing EAS106 (45.9%)130 (54.2%)0.072
 Assessing whether the due care criteria have been met90 (38.5%)52 (21.7%)< 0.001
 The time the decision-making process would take74 (31.6%)66 (27.8%)0.370
 Dealing with relatives of the patient64 (28.3%)27 (11.4%)< 0.001
 Waiting for the judgement of the euthanasia review committees56 (25.5%)63 (26.4%)0.825
 The administration of lethal drugs47 (25.0%)77 (32.5%)0.092
 The administrative burden of notifying the unnatural death54 (24.4%)99 (41.4%)< 0.001
 The reactions of other care providers42 (18.3%)13 (5.4%)< 0.001
  1. aMissings: Refused cases missing cases varied between 14 and 60 (5.6–24.2%), Granted cases missing cases varied between 5 and 8 (2.0–3.3%)