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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with EAS request assessed by SCEN physicians, by experienced difficulty and year (absolute numbers and rounded percentages)

From: Complexities in consultations in case of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide: a survey among SCEN physicians

 2015 Most difficult consultation (N = 498)2016/2017 Most recent consultation
 Difficult (N = 203)Not difficult (N = 735)
 N%(95% CI)N%(95% CI)N%(95% CI)
  < 70 years20845(40–49)7839(32–46)26036(32–39)
 70–79 years10122(18–26)3618(13–24)24033(30–36)
  ≥ 80 years15734(30–38)8643(36–50)22931(28–35)
Sex (female)25553(48–57)10452(44–58)33946(43–50)
Main diagnosis
 Heart failure/CVA429(6–11)2311(8–16)355(3–6)
 Accumulation of age-related health problems5311(8–14)2914(10–20)284(3–5)
 Psychiatric disorder4610(7–12)189(6–13)30(0–1)
  1. Missing values ranging from 2 to 32