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Table 4 Codes in Round 3 that failed to achieve final consensus (categorised by percentage agreement*)

From: Capturing pharmacists’ impact in general practice: an e-Delphi study to attempt to reach consensus amongst experts about what activities to record

Agreement 70–80% • Antipsychotic medication review • Polypharmacy medication review • Medication changed • New medication added • Medicines reconciliation performed
Agreement 60–70% • Medicines adherence checked • Advice about drug treatment • Advice about side effects of drug treatment • Medication review without patient • Anticoagulation medication review • Drug changed to cost effective alternative • Medication stopped • Medication stopped-side effect • Medication error
Agreement 50–60% • No drug side effect reported • Synchronisation of repeat medication • Contact with the local community pharmacy • Medicine Use Review (MUR) done by community pharmacist
  1. *Percentage agreement indicates how many panellists identified a code as ‘Very Important’ and ‘Important’