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Table 3 Topic guide

From: Understanding the diagnosis of pre-diabetes in patients aged over 85 in English primary care: a qualitative study

Health practitioner role and diabetes prevention at the practice
 What is your role at the practice and what do you do in relation to diabetes prevention and management?
 Who provides diabetes prevention mostly in this practice?
 How important is diabetes prevention in primary care?
 How do you/your practice deal with a new pre-diabetic blood result?
Discussing and dealing with heightened risk of type 2 diabetes in consultations
 Do you think the language you use to describe risk is important?
 Do you think there are any barriers to providing diabetes prevention advice during a consultation?
 Do you tell all patients if they have pre-diabetes? Are there certain groups, such patients aged over 85, in which you would not disclose a pre-diabetic HbA1c?
 Do you approach risk explanation the same in all patients eg. education/age?
 What type of information do you provide when first discussing heightened risk?