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Table 1 Guideline for the management of patients with acute pharyngo-tonsillitisa

From: Management of sore throat in Danish general practices

Modified Centor Score Guideline
0–1 No streptococcal RADT, no antibiotic treatment.
2–3 If streptococcal RADT is positive treat with antibiotics.
4–5 If streptococcal RADT is positive treat with antibiotics or if patient is generally unwell treat with antibiotics without performing streptococcal RADT.
  1. aRespiratory tract infections - diagnosis and treatment 2014 (Danish Society of General Practitioners, DSAM). Accessed 19 July 2018
  2. Abbreviation: RADT Rapid antigen detection test
  3. To calculate the modified Centor score, patients receive 1 point for each of the following symptoms and findings: Anamnestic fever, absence of cough, presence of tonsillar exudates, and tender cervical lymph nodes. In addition: Age < 3 years: − 1 point. Age 3–14 years: 1 point. Age 15–44 years: 0 points. Age > 45 years: − 1 point