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Table 3 Referral pathways described by interviewees

From: The role of the GP in managing suspected transient ischaemic attack: a qualitative study

Interviewee described referral pathways
A&E via emergency ambulance
A&E via taxi
Hospital TIA clinic within 24 h
Hospital TIA clinic within 7 days
Immediate referral by GP, seen by hospital TIA clinic within 2 weeks
Letter sent by mail days after GP appointment, seen by hospital TIA clinic within 4–6 weeks
Hospital TIA clinic appointment provided within seven days, rebooked for a later date by patient due to lack of transport or inconvenience
Neurology, elderly medicine, ENT, vascular medicine or ophthalmology clinic within months
Referred to hospital TIA clinic but doesn’t attend
Remained under GP care
Returned to GP a second or further time for referral
Referred by out of hours GP to day time GP
  1. A&E Accident and emergency, ENT Ear, nose and throat, GPs General practitioners, TIA Transient ischaemic attack