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Table 2 Topic list

From: Patients’ perspectives on the COPD-GRIP intervention, a new nursing care intervention for COPD

First question  
What are your experiences with the three consultations that you have had with your practice nurse within the COPD-GRIP intervention?
Topics Prompt questions
The B-IPQ What kind of difficulties did you experience while filling in the questionnaire?
The duration of the consultations Was there enough time to discuss all the topics you wanted to discuss?
The frequency of the consultations How was it to see your practice nurse more often in a short period of time?
The period from diagnosis to the initiation of the COPD-GRIP intervention What would you suggest what the best moment is to participate in the COPD-GRIP intervention?
The discussed topics In what way were the discussed topics in line with your needs?
The individual care plan What was the result of this written individually care plan?
The added value What did it mean for you to participate in the COPD-GRIP intervention?
  1. B-IPQ Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire [11]
  2. COPD-GRIP Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Guidance, Research on Illness Perception