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Table 1 a COPD-GRIP intervention

From: Patients’ perspectives on the COPD-GRIP intervention, a new nursing care intervention for COPD

The COPD-GRIP intervention is applied individually for each patient and consists of three face-to-face consultations, each lasting 30 min. The three consultations are scheduled at 3-week intervals.
The specific content is individualised, based on the patient’s questions, responses and the needs of the patient.
First consultation: understanding the patient’s illness perceptions 1) Identifying and understanding patient’s illness perceptions;
2) Assessing and discussing illness perceptions using the B-IPQ as a guide for tailoring the intervention.
Second consultation: identifying the link between illness perceptions and behavior 1) Identifying the link between illness perceptions and behaviour
2) Improving patient’s understanding of the relationship between their perceptions and their behaviour, by challenging them to draw up an individual care plan (a short-term goal and a long-term goal with strategies to achieve these).
Third consultation; evaluating and discussing the individual care plan 1) Evaluation and discussion of the individual care plan.
2) Evaluating and assessing whether the individual care plan was successful and what new actions are necessary for the future.
3) If the patient did not describe a care plan, discussing actions for the future
  1. aBased on and adapted with permission from Weldam, Schuurmans, Zanen, Heijmans, Sachs, Lammers (2017) [10]