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Table 1 Participant information

From: Help seeking for antibiotics; is the influence of a personal social network relevant?

Participant Patient or Parent Age (of patient) Gender Antibiotics prescribed for
Bev Patient 50–59 F Kidney infection
Florence Patient 25–29 F RTI
Emilia Patient 30–39 F Unspecified
Dianne Patient 70–79 F RTI
Ruth Parent 15–17 F Skin infection
Simon Parent 70–79 M LTC
Pearl Patient 70–79 F UTI
Rachel Parent 0–4 F Impetigo
Rose Patient 80–89 F UTI
Gail Parent 0–4 F RTI
Lynn Parent 5–9 F UTI
Emma Parent 0–4 F RTI
Victoria Patient 60–69 F UTI
John Patient 40–49 M LTC
Betty Patient 85+ F RTI
Anna Patient 70–79 F UTI
Charlotte Parent 0–4 F RTI
Sue Parent 5–9 F RTI
Caroline Parent 5–9 F Eczema
Sophie Parent 5–9 (×2) F RTI
Hugh Patient 68 M LTC
Laura Patient 39 F UTI
Pete Patient 75 M LTC
Ronald Patient 73 M RTI