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Table 1 Definitions and sources of mental healthcare

From: Initiation and cessation of mental healthcare after mental health screening in primary care: a prospective cohort study

Type of mental health follow-up support Register Notes
 • Psychometric testing by GP NHSR Approved psychometric tests, e.g. diagnostic tests for depression or anxiety
 • Talk therapy by GP NHSR By GPs receiving psychological supervision
 • Psychologist NHSR After referral from GP
 • Psychotropic medications DNPR Redeemed prescription of the following medication (ACT codes): antipsychotics (N05A), anxiolytics (N05B), hypnotics and sedatives (N05C), antidepressants (N06A), psychostimulant medication (N06B), anti-dementia drugs (N06D)
 • Psychiatrist NHSR/NPR Private psychiatrists/psychiatric hospitals (inpatients and outpatients)
  1. ACT Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification, DNPR Danish National Prescription Register [38], GP general practitioner, NHSR (Danish) National Health Service Register [39], NPR (Danish) National Patient Register [40]