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Table 2 Community-based Healthy Living Group Session Topics and Exercises

From: Improving mental health through integration with primary care in rural Karnataka: study protocol of a cluster randomized control trial

Session # Topics covered Exercises
1 CVD risk factors and diabetes Discuss modifiable and non-modifiable behavioral risks
2 Psychological well-being, depression, anxiety and stress Identify sources of and strategies to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress
3 Role of nutrition in disease Review eating habits and develop plan to eat healthier
4 Improving physical and emotional health with exercise Strategies for overcoming obstacles and creating a habit to exercise on a regular basis
5 Smoking and smokeless tobacco cessation Discuss harmful effects of tobacco, triggers, and strategies for quitting
6 Alcohol use Discuss harmful effects of alcohol, triggers, and strategies for quitting
7 Social support for behavior change Sources of emotional, practical, and informational, strategies for approaching family, friends, and community for support, identify social support needs. Communication skills to use with unsupportive people.
8 Quality of life Assessing quality of life and identifying strategies to improve quality of life
9 Tools for initial behavior change Self-monitoring, goal setting, self-reinforcement, setting up an environment that supports change
10 Review of sessions 1-9 Identify successes and barriers to behavior change
11, 12 Long term maintenance of behaviors. Different strategies needed for initial change Setting and reaching behavior change goals by using strategies learned in previous sessions
Monthly Behavioral maintenance session Review accomplishments, problem solving barriers, revising plans, utilizing group support