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Table 3 Category Spider in the web and examples of quotations of some of its sub-categories. (Theme 2)

From: Drugs, distrust and dialogue –a focus group study with Swedish GPs on discharge summary use in primary care

Patient’s interpreter
“Sometimes they (patients) haven’t got the information from the hospital, then they wonder. Most often they come to us and ask. Either they didn’t get it or they didn’t understand it.” (FG 4)
“I look in the hospital electronic medical records, to see what the admission record says, or where else my drug disappeared along the way. If it is not in the admission record, they have forgotten to tell they’re taking that blood pressure pill or so. That’s how I use it, more to compare. You have to be somewhat of a detective there, to see why it disappeared.” (FG 3)
Consistent information to the patients
“Perhaps we should be more careful in handing out medication lists to patients, at every visit, and note when we change something, but then there are other operators that we can’t wrap our heads around.” (FG 4)