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Table 1 Example of the analytical process

From: Drugs, distrust and dialogue –a focus group study with Swedish GPs on discharge summary use in primary care

Meaning unit Sub-category Category Theme
Sometimes I feel vague... When information is missing, I feel I have to decide, because I hold the main responsibility for the patient, should she take this yes or no. (FG 1)
It would be good, or one would wish to be able to see the patient quite rapidly after discharge, to check quickly to make it right. (FG 4)
After drug changes they forget to correct the multidose dispensed drugs2. You have to change this very often, and they often make mistakes, in every other case. And this takes extra time for us to correct. (FG 4)
Main responsibility
Clean up
Terminus/End station Role of the GP
  1. 2Machine-dispensed disposable sachets in which medications are packaged according to the time of administration 30. Bergman A, Olsson J, Carlsten A, Waern M, Fastbom J: Evaluation of the quality of drug therapy among elderly patients in nursing homes. Scand J Prim Health Care 2007, 25(1):9–14