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Table 1 Overview of the variables and categories

From: Shifting hospital care to primary care: An evaluation of cardiology care in a primary care setting in the Netherlands

Variables Categories
Gender Male Female
 Referral indication given by the general practitioner* Heart palpitations Heart murmur Cardiac screening Suspected arrhythmia Atypical chest pain Reduced exercise capacity Collapse Abnormal ECG Dyspnoea Suspected heart failure Suspected coronary sclerosis Analyses of atrial fibrillation Stable Angina Pectoris
 Reason for referral given by the general practitioner* To reassure the patient Upon patient request Upon specialist advice or request To exclude disease Screening of unclear pathology Checking the unknown To confirm disease
 Advice given by the cardiologist after PC+ Follow-up in primary care setting Follow-up in hospital care setting
  1. *Categories are included as separate variables in the analysis