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Table 2 Initial Interview Guide

From: Health professional perceptions regarding screening tools for developmental surveillance for children in a multicultural part of Sydney, Australia

Question Noa Question
1 Why do some children receive developmental screening/surveillance and therefore have developmental concerns picked up early?
2 Why do some children miss developmental screening/surveillance?
3 Is the Blue Book$ useful for screening/surveillance?
4 If Not, why is the Blue Book not useful?
5 What would encourage universal developmental surveillance using screening tools?
6b Any likely factors which encourage or discourage developmental surveillance using screening tools?
7b What are the training needs of health professionals?
  1. a Most of the time a single broad question on the participants’ views on developmental surveillance was an adequate prompt to gain data in line with the questions, bQ 6 and 7 were occasionally used as a probing question, $ Participants  were directed to PEDS screening tool in the Blue Book if participants did not mention this