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Table 2 Data extraction

From: Correlation between patients’ reasons for encounters/health problems and population density in Japan: a systematic review of observational studies coded by the International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care (ICHPPC) and the International Classification of Primary care (ICPC)

Data Remarks
Year of publication  
Setting The categories of setting are based on description in each included study
Study period  
Number of facilities  
Total number of patients  
Total number of encounters  
Total number of RFEs  
Total number of health problems
Proportion of “non-internal medicine-related”
RFEs in the top 20 RFEs
Proportion of “non-internal medicine-related”
health problems in the top 20 health problems
Classification ICHPPC/ICHPPC/ICHPPC-2-Defined
Primary outcome measures RFEs (first visit, periodic visit)/health problems (acute, chronic)
Distinction between acute and chronic
Quality of coding Prospective or retrospective
  Single or multiple evaluator
  Description of coding training
Prospective or retrospective
Number of evaluators  
  1. RFEs: reasons for encounters
  2. ICHPPC: International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care
  3. ICPC: International Classification of Primary Care