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Table 2 Qualitative data informing proposed study design

From: Developing a community-based psycho-social intervention with older people and third sector workers for anxiety and depression: a qualitative study

Aspect of study How intervention has been adapted
Facilitating relationships and trust • Inclusion of an initial one-to-one appointment between older person and third sector worker at beginning of intervention
• Third sector worker to accompany older person to group activity (if required) in order to provide encouragement
Facilitating self-management (and ongoing data gathering) • Study team have developed an A5 filofax as a resource for older people to support ongoing learning and enable regular recording of reflections on activities
Maintaining participant engagement • The addition of telephone follow-up appointments with older people – provides flexibility and supports ongoing engagement
Supporting third sector workers • Providing opportunities to debrief following participant and third sector worker interactions
• Training on the maintenance of boundaries between worker and participant
• First two intervention sessions will be audio recorded as a means of fidelity checking