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Table 1 Main replies to the interview guide

From: Blood transfusion in elderly patients with chronic anemia: a qualitative analysis of the general practitioners’ attitudes

Theme of questions Main replies Number of occurrence out of 20
Applied transfusion treshold < 8 g/dL Hb 16
< 9 g/dL Hb 1
< 7 g/dL Hb 3
Definition and attitude toward anemia Same definition and attitude 6
Different definition and attitude 12
No answer 2
Apprehended geriatric complications General complications 20
Speficic geriatric complications 14
Falls 10
Influence of cognitive impairments No influence 6
Influence 14
Influence of autonomy loss Fear of autonomy loss or autonomy loss as a treshold 6
Positif effect of transfusion over anemia 5
Family opinion over transfusion decision-making process Family opinion in a palliative care context 5
Family opinion about withholding tranfusion 4
Family opinion in a cognitive impairment context 6
Image of transfusion Positive image for GPs 19
Family satisfaction 4
Improved items thanks to transfusion General status 15
Psychomotor status 12
Feared complications of transfusion Circulatory overload 13
No fear 5