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Table 1 Semi-structured in-depth interview guide (phenomenological approach)

From: Patient-centeredness to anticipate and organize an end-of-life project for patients receiving at-home palliative care: a phenomenological study

What does the palliative care process mean to you, and where does it fit within the practice of general medicine?
Prompt: How do you feel about Palliative Care in general medicine?
How do you feel about providing at-home palliative care to patients?
Prompt: How do you feel about providing care to end-of-life patients?
Think about one of your palliative care experiences (the most recent one or one which made a mark – positive or negative – on you). Tell me about it.
Prompt: How did it go? Do you remember what your thoughts were then? What your feelings were? What you did?
How did you feel about it? Why?
Do you recall another experience, a “different” one?
What challenges do you face when providing palliative care?
Prompt: What type of skills would you like to improve to be better prepared?
In your opinion, can at-home palliative care be implemented, and what are the requirements for it to be provided under good conditions?