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Table 5 PCN programming meets patients’ expectations in important ways

From: The 5As team patient study: patient perspectives on the role of primary care in obesity management

Subtheme Patient quotes
Accountability • Well, I think it (regular attendance of PCN programs) sort of keeps you accountable a little bit when it’s a regular thing, you know. (Patient 8)
• Like certain things like how many laps you could do in a circle… And they would compare it when you’re done the workshop at the end of the eight weeks, I think…. And I noticed I did increase because I think it held me accountable. (Patient 1)
Accessibility • I’m glad that they did evening sessions because then I could go. (Patient 16)
• They seemed to really let you know what they had available, that they wanted to be able to help you out, which is nice. (Patient 14)
• Well I’m just totally happy with PCN. I just think it’s like a gold mine! Like, you know. And it’s really nice to have…like services are, you know, not real expensive or free here. (Patient 2)
• Maybe I’m just more appreciative that it doesn’t cost me any money, so psychologically I have been more acceptable to the (PCN) program. I feel it’s a caring kind of a thing, not a business kind of a thing. (Patient 11)
Consistency • I felt that they were all pulling together. They weren’t necessarily communicating deeply with one another, but I never felt like I was getting conflicting messages. The message was always the same. What one person was saying was building…I could take what the doctor said, what the dietician said, what the PCN people said, and what the exercise people said and put it all together and build on it. There was no confusion. (Patient 27)