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Table 1 Scenarios presented during interviews

From: Patients’ anticipated actions following transient ischaemic attack symptoms: a qualitative vignette-based study

Likely TIA scenarios (lasting 5 min)  • Speech disturbance – expressive  • Speech disturbance – receptive  • Dense hemiplegia +/- dysphasia  • Unilateral upper limb paresis  • Ataxia and incoordination  • Incoordination  • Dressing apraxia  • Other apraxia  • Amaurosis fugax  
Non-stroke scenarios  • Acute coronary syndrome (crushing chest pain for 20 min)  • Simple vaso-vagal faint  • Classical migraine with fortification spectra  • GI upset with diarrhoea and vomiting  • Respiratory tract infection/possible pneumonia  • Dysphagia without other neurological symptoms