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Table 2 Key characteristics of integrated primary health care (adapted from Valentijn et al. [13])

From: Experiencing integration: a qualitative pilot study of consumer and provider experiences of integrated primary health care in Australia

Dimensions Characteristics
Scope of care
 Person-focused care 1. Centrality of client needs
 Population based care 2. Centrality of population needs
Dimensions and level of system
 Clinical integration (micro) 3. Case management
  4. Continuity
  5. Interaction between professional and client
  6. Individual multidisciplinary care plan
 Service/Professional integration (meso) 7. Inter-professional education
  8. Agreements on interdisciplinary collaboration
  9. Value creation for the professional
 Organisational integration (meso) 10. Inter-organisational governance
  11. Inter-organisational strategy
  12. Trust
 System integration (macro) 13. Alignment of regulatory frameworks
  14. Environmental climate
Enablers of integration
 Functional integration 15. Learning organisations
  16. Information management
  17. Regular feedback of performance indicators
 Normative integration 18. Shared vision
  19. Reliable behaviour
  20. Visionary leadership
  21. Linking cultures