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Table 3 Overview of “productive performance” in types of home visits, influencing conditions and causes, strategies and consequences

From: Interprofessional collaboration in nursing homes (interprof): a grounded theory study of general practitioner experiences and strategies to perform nursing home visits

Types of home visits Influencing conditions and causes Strategies to achieve “productive performance” Consequences of “productive performance”
• Visits on demand
• Periodic visits
• Nursing home round
• Visits based on ad-hoc-decisions
• Nurse characteristics
• Resident characteristics
• Nursing home environment
Preparing strategies
 • Scheduling and planning
 • Preparing
On-site strategies
 • Gathering information
 • Seeking nurses´ attendance
 • Decision making
 • Taking care of the resident
Investing strategies
 • Instructing and teaching
 • Dealing with documentation
 • Providing information
• Satisfaction
• Annoyance
• Disrespect
• Avoiding contact to the nurses
• Give up care