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Table 1 Interview guideline

From: Interprofessional collaboration in nursing homes (interprof): a grounded theory study of general practitioner experiences and strategies to perform nursing home visits

Narrative of a typical home visit in nursing homes You have been working here in a nursing home for some time. Today we are interested in your experience of how a nursing home visit is usually carried out. Tell us about typical situations as well as positive and negative experiences during the visits? Can you describe exemplary situations?
Description of the last GP visit Could you please recall your last home visit to a nursing home resident? How did this particular visit go? Please describe the visit in detail.
Experience with areas of responsibility and distribution of tasks We are interested in the distribution of tasks in a nursing home. What are your tasks and responsibilities, and what are the tasks and responsibilities of the nursing home staff?
Ideas and vision about the ideal care in a nursing home Give your imagination free reign. How do you imagine ideal medical care in a nursing home would be provided? What would you like to see; also in the case if your parents were residents there? What do you think the nurses would expect? What process might be optimal for the nurses? And what processes would be best for the residents and what would they likely prefer?