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Table 4 Study Sample Characteristics

From: Experiences of nurse practitioners and medical practitioners working in collaborative practice models in primary healthcare in Australia – a multiple case study using mixed methods

 Practices 4 private practices, 1 community centre
 Locations New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria
 NPs per practice 1–2
 MPs per practice 2–20
Individual participants
 Nurse Practitioners 6, all female
 NP specialties PHC, cardiology, aged care, drug and alcohol withdrawal
 Working as NP (median, range) 2.0 years (0.5–11.5)
 Medical Practitioners 13, four female
 MP specialties General practice/PHC, cardiology, gerontopsychology
 Experience in PHC (median, range) NPs: 8.75 years (1.2–15)
MPs: 13.0 years (2.3–34)
 Practice Managers 3, all female
  1. NP Nurse Practitioner, MP Medical Practitioner, PHC Primary Healthcare