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Table 1 Collaborative Arrangements - forms and occurrence in practice

From: Experiences of nurse practitioners and medical practitioners working in collaborative practice models in primary healthcare in Australia – a multiple case study using mixed methods

Forms of collaborative arrangementsa Percentage of collaborative arrangements (ACNP member survey) [93]
(1) a written agreement about collaborative practice between the NP and the MP exists, or 51.0 %
(2) the NP is employed or engaged by a MP or an institution that employs or engages MPs, or 37.8 %
(3) a patient is referred to the NP by a MP, or 8.1 %
(4) an agreement about collaborative care for an individual patient is stated in the patient’s clinical notes by the NP. 2.7 %
  1. aNational Health (Collaborative Arrangements for Nurse Practitioners) Determination [15], enabled by the Health Insurance Regulations 1975, section 2 F
  2. NP Nurse Practitioner, MP Medical Practitioner, ACNP Australian College of Nurse Practitioners