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Fig. 1

From: Impact of continuing medical education in cancer diagnosis on GP knowledge, attitude and readiness to investigate – a before-after study

Fig. 1

Flowchart of the data collection. The left part illustrates the GP completion of questionnaires at baseline (1 month before the CME) and at follow-up (7 months after the CME). The right part illustrates the consecutive GP completion of one-page forms, including assessed risk of cancer in referred patients before and after the CME. 1GPs who completed a similar questionnaire in the ICBP study, module 3, September 2012. 2Proportion of study base. 3196 GPs completed both baseline and follow-up vignettes (116 reference GPs and 80 CME-participating GPs). 6 GPs were lost to follow-up due to a technical failure of the online survey system

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