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Table 2 Interview schedule for patients

From: Preventing Acute Kidney Injury: a qualitative study exploring ‘sick day rules’ implementation in primary care

NPT construct Questions
Coherence • What do you think of the action plan?
Coherence • If you imagine you had to use it: can we talk through the process that you would go through?
Cognitive Participation • Would you stop temporarily tablets if they were to manage pain? A heart condition? What would influence you in making that decision?
Collective Action • Who do you think should give you this?
Collective Action • Who do you think would support you to stop tablets for a short period?
Collective Action • Would you want to be reminded at the end of the tablet break that you should start taking them again?
Coherence • Would you use it?
Collective Action • What happens during review appointments with GPs and practice nurses?
Coherence • Have you discussed what you should do if you start to feel unwell eg flu?
Coherence • What do you do when you’re starting to feel unwell?
Coherence • When do you go to see your doctor/nurse?
Cognitive Participation • Do you currently take any medications?
Cognitive Participation • Do you have a system for managing them?
Coherence • Have you ever had to stop taking any of your tablets for a short time because you were ill?
Coherence • Were you given any information (written or verbal)?
Collective action • What happens when you visit community pharmacists?