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Table 1 Interview schedule for clinicians

From: Preventing Acute Kidney Injury: a qualitative study exploring ‘sick day rules’ implementation in primary care

NPT construct Questions
Coherence • What are your initial thoughts?
Coherence • How would you use it?
Cognitive Participation • How does it fit with your current practice? What considerations of renal function do you give during episodes of acute illness for people with CKD?
Cognitive Participation • Do you consider temporarily stopping certain medications during times of acute illness with patients with CKD?
Cognitive Participation • What might influence it becoming a routine part of practice?
Collective Action • Do you discuss with patient with CKD during their review appointments how they should manage an episode of acute illness?
Collective Action • How does this change when people have multiple conditions?
Coherence • How do you manage patients with coronary heart failure to prevent AKI? What would influence your decision for recommending patients to stop ACE inhibitors or ARBs or NSAIDS?
Coherence • Can you give me some examples of when you have temporarily stopped medications for patients with other conditions? What are the implications in the practice? How did you remind patients when they had to start taking the tablets again?
Cognitive Participation • How will you identify the most vulnerable 2 %? What is the focus of their care for you (eg unplanned admissions) and what will that entail?
Collective Action • How would the action plan fit with your plans for supporting the most vulnerable 2 %?
Collective Action • How do you co-ordinate with hospital staff about medications people are taking and their conditions?
Collective Action • What happens when someone is discharged from hospital? What information are you given and who is this from?
Collective Action • How is this co-ordinated between the hospital and your practice/pharmacy? How do you co-ordinate this with the local pharmacists/GPs?
Reflexive Monitoring • What are some of the logistical issues in managing changes to medications?
Collective Action • How do you co-ordinate changes in medicines? What are the implications in the work that you have to do to manage it and to restart medicines?
Collective Action • What other services do you co-ordinate with to manage patients with acute illnesses? (eg community matrons and district nursing team)