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Table 1 Characteristics of participating GPs and their Primary Healthcare Clinics (PHCs) by sub-region

From: How do general practitioners contribute to preventing long-term work disability of their patients suffering from depressive disorders? A qualitative study

  Characteristics of participating GPs (n = 13) Characteristics of the PHCs (n = 6) where the GPs practice
# GPs Experience as GP (yr.) Specific interest in mental health # PHCs No of GPs Other healthcare professionals
Sub-region A (low resources) GP-01 31 yes PHC-01 6 Nurse
GP-02 33 no Psychiatric nurse
GP-03 34 yes PHC-02 7 Nurse
GP-04 18 yes
GP-05 4 no
GP-06 13 no PHC-03 12 Nurse
GP-07 10 yes
Sub-region B (high resources) GP-08 4 no PHC-04 6 -
GP-09 25 no
GP-10 33 no PHC-05 10 Nurse
GP-11 18 yes
GP-12 30 no PHC-06 9 Nurse
Psychiatric nurse
GP-13 5 no Nutritionist