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Erratum to: Pneumococcal lower respiratory tract infections in adults: an observational case–control study in primary care in Belgium

The original article was published in BMC Family Practice 2015 16:66

Due to a change in reagent affecting the performance of the Urinary Antigen Detection (UAD) assay, the positivity cut-off values of the assay had to be revised. A number of epidemiological studies have been affected by this change, including the original version of this article [1].

All samples of the study have been reanalysed and the impact on the study results can be found in the attached Excel sheet (Additional file 1):

  • Due to change in cut-off for serotype 5 and 14, there is one case of serotype 5 and of serotype 14 less.

  • The revision of the analysis showed 1 additional positive results for serotype 18C and for serotype 23 F

  • Overall the total number of positive UAD results has not changed.

Results of the assay are shown in the corrected Tables 3 and 4, included in this erratum.

Table 3 Cross-table of the results of the BinaxNOW and Urine Antigen Detection assaysa
Table 4 Number and proportion of the serotypes in pneumococcal serious lower respiratory tract infections using the Urine Antigen Detection (UAD) assay


  1. 1.

    Flamaing J, De Backer W, Van Laethem Y, Heijmans S, Mignon A. Pneumococcal lower respiratory tract infections in adults: an observational case–control study in primary care in Belgium. BMC Fam Pract. 2015;16:66.

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Correspondence to Johan Flamaing.

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The online version of the original article can be found under doi:10.1186/s12875-015-0282-1.

Additional file

Additional file 1:

Changes in UAD results. (XLSX 12 kb)

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