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Table 1 Diagnostic criteria for BDS

From: Bodily distress syndrome: A new diagnosis for functional disorders in primary care?

1) ≥ 3 symptoms from at least one of the following groups:
• Cardiopulmonary/autonomic arousal:
Palpitations /heart pounding, precordial discomfort, breathlessness without exertion, hyperventilation, hot or cold sweats, dry mouth
• Gastrointestinal arousal:
• Abdominal pains, frequent loose bowel movements, feeling bloated/full of gas/distended, regurgitations, diarrhea, nausea, burning sensation in chest or epigastrium
• Musculoskeletal tension:
• Pains in arms or legs, muscular aches or pains, pains in the joints, feelings of paresis or localized weakness, back ache, pain moving from one place to another, unpleasant numbness or tingling sensations
• General symptoms:
Concentration difficulties, impairment of memory, excessive fatigue, headache, dizziness.
2) The patient has been disabled by the symptoms (i.e. daily living is affected)
3) Relevant differential diagnoses have been ruled out
• Severity:
Single-organ BDS (mild-moderate): involves one or two of the symptom groups
Multi-organ BDS (severe): involves three or four of the symptom groups