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Table 3 Range of composite scores with country rankings by process quality dimensions

From: Process quality indicators in family medicine: results of an international comparison

  Continuity of care Coordination of care Community orientation Comprehensiveness of care
Minimum −1.194 −0.649 −1.284 −0.827
Maximum 0.604 1.034 0.542 0.738
|Range| 1.798 1.683 1.825 1.565
Top five countries New Zealand Finland Norway Sweden
England Lithuania Turkey New Zealand
Germany Iceland Greece England
Switzerland Sweden Italy Norway
Australia Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Bottom five countries Turkey Denmark Cyprus Cyprus
Greece Italy Estonia Slovakia
Malta Germany Hungary Czech Republic
Cyprus Luxembourg Germany Turkey
Slovakia Slovakia Latvia Italy
Australia 5th 18th 27th 11th
Canada 12th 8th 26th 14th
New Zealand 1st 14th 10th 2nd