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Table 1 Selected indicators and dimensions of process quality in primary healthcare

From: Process quality indicators in family medicine: results of an international comparison

Dimension Definition of indicator Scale
Continuity of care Medical recordkeeping: inclusion of important health information 0 to 1
Medical recordkeeping: regularity of keeping medical files 0 to 1
Informational continuity of care with primary care: receiving records from previous doctor 1 to 3
Informational continuity of care with secondary care: receiving discharge report 1 to 5
Coordination of care Skill mix: disciplines in practice 0 to 1
Integration of primary and secondary care: asking other specialists for advice 1 to 3
Collaboration with other providers 1 to 3
Community orientation Reporting potential repeated accidents in an industry, frequent respiratory problems in patients living near a particular industry, and repeated cases of food poisoning among people living in a certain district to an authority 1 to 4
Comprehensiveness of care Medical equipment available 0 to 1
First contact for common health problems 1 to 4
Treatment and follow-up diseases 1 to 4
Medical technical procedures and preventive care 1 to 4
Healthcare promotion 0 to 1