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Table 3 Top Ten Reasons for encounter by gender and location of practice

From: Reasons for encounter in young people consulting a family doctor in the French speaking part of Switzerland: a cross sectional study

  Top ten reasons for encounter
Males Females Urban practices Non-urban practices
1 Health maintenance/prevention Health maintenance/prevention Health maintenance/prevention Health maintenance/prevention
2 Upper respiratory infection acute Preventive immunisation/Medication Preventive immunisation /Medication Upper respiratory infection acute
3 Preventive immunisation/Medication General symptom/complaint other General symptom / complaint other Preventive immunisation /Medication
4 General symptom/complaint other Upper respiratory infection acute Upper respiratory infection acute General symptom/complaint other
5 Acne Feeling depressed Feeling depressed Tonsilitis acute
6 Tonsilitis acute Weakness/tiredness general Tonsilitis acute Acne
7 Sprain/strain of ankle Tonsilitis acute Weakness/tiredness general Cough
8 Trauma/injury NOS Sneezing/nasal congestion Blood test Allergy/allergic reaction NOS Skin symptom/complaint other Sprain/strain of ankle
9 Back symptom/complaint Anorexia nervosa/bulimia Sprain/strain of ankle_Knee symptom Anorexia nervosa/ bulimia Hand/finger symptom complaint Foot/toe symptom complaint
10 Allergy/allergic reaction NOS Cough