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Table 2 Discussion guide with topics for the FGDs

From: Does patient’s sex influence treatment in primary care? Experiences and expressed knowledge among physicians – a qualitative study

Introductory question about gender equality and treatment in general
1. How do you reason about gender equality in your work regarding the care of patients?
Questions more specifically about medicines
2. In what way does the patient’s sex affect how you reason about treatment/medication?
3. Do you believe that female and male patients expect different treatment/medication? How/in which way?
4. Can differences in behavior between male and female patients’ result in different treatment/medication?
5. We know that there are certain differences between the sexes where men and women sometimes are treated with different medications in spite of the same diagnosis, and that women receive more medications than men. What are your reflections on this?
6. Do you believe that you as physicians can affect the sex differences in drug utilisation? How/in which way?
Concluding questions
7. How do you perceive your knowledge is regarding this topic?
8. How did you find it to discuss this topic?