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Archived Comments for: What research agenda could be generated from the European General Practice Research Network concept of Multimorbidity in Family Practice?

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  1. author to add

    jean yves le reste, université de bretagne occidentale

    20 November 2015

    Ana Claverai from Vigo Spain was one of the authors and has been forgotten on the author list. On behalf of all co authors i hereby certifiy that Ana Claveria was actively involved in the study, she collected data for spain and took part in the reviewing of this article. Her adress is below:


    Ana Clavería

    Atención Primaria, EOXI VIGO.

    Rosalía Castro 21, 7ª

    36201 Vigo


    Teléfono: +34 600 567 173


    JY Le Reste (Main Author)


    Competing interests

    None declared