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Table 2 Definitions of plausible data used in data extraction programming

From: Implementation of simple telehealth to manage hypertension in general practice: a service evaluation

Requirement or response Definitions of acceptableb responses
Systolic blood pressure (SBP) [32]a Minimum acceptable 50 mm Hg
Maximum acceptable 260 mm Hg
Diastolic blood pressure (DBP) [32] Minimum acceptable 0 mm Hg
Maximum acceptable 200 mm Hg
Relationship between diastolic and systolic readings Diastolic < Systolic
Both SBP and DBP readings present No blanks
‘Active’ on protocol AIM01 Response submitted to Florence within days 1-7 of the protocol
‘Active’ on protocols AIM02, AIM03 and AIM10 Response submitted to Florence in the last 21 days of the month
Month 1 = response on days 9-30
Month 2 = response on days 39-60 Month 3 = response on days 69-90
Ended protocol 21 consecutive days of no readings being submitted to Florence
  1. aOriginal AIM protocols set to accept only readings for SBP between 60-262 mm Hg and DBP between 40-124 mm Hg and patients submitting readings outside of this range would have received a message describing this as an unacceptable reading; however, Florence would still have recorded it in automated way.
  2. bAcceptable relates to the gathering of texted in data, and not clinical care