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Figure 1

From: From patient care to research: a validation study examining the factors contributing to data quality in a primary care electronic medical record database

Figure 1

The CPCSSN information pathway and factors affecting data quality and validity. This figure illustrates the information pathway in CPCSSN and is based on data flow described by Kadhim-Saleh, et al. [9] and Birtwhistle, et al. [4]. Eight categories are depicted, each representing stages along a continuum beginning with health information presented by individuals, collected by practitioners at the point of care, and entered into the EMR. The information is then extracted into a regional data structure where it is cleaned and de-identified. Case definitions are applied to this regional network data prior to storage within the central data repository. The data is then ready to be utilized for surveillance, research and practice feedback. Together this illustrates the possible points where data quality can be affected.

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