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Table 2 Description of CFIR domains and constructs [26]

From: Facilitators and barriers of implementing the chronic care model in primary care: a systematic review

Domain Definition
Intervention characteristics The characteristics of the intervention being implemented include whether: the intervention is perceived to be developed external or internal to the organization, there is evidence supporting its effectiveness, and its implementation will be advantageous to its alternatives. Other characteristics include how the intervention is presented, its adaptability, complexity and whether it can be tested on a smaller scale.
Outer setting The external context of the organization includes: patient needs and the ability to meet them, networks with other organizations, pressure to implement the intervention and external policies and incentives to adopt the intervention.
Inner setting Features of the organization including its structural characteristics (such as size, age of the organization and division of labour), networks and communication (such as connections and information sharing between individuals, units and services), cultural norms and values, implementation climate, organizational capacity and readiness for change.
Characteristics of individuals Staff knowledge and belief about the intervention, their ability to execute their respective aspects of the implementation, and their individual stage of change. Other characteristics include individual identification with the organization and other personal attributes.
Process Active change process, the purpose of which is to promote uptake of the intervention by the organization. This is influenced by the level of planning prior to implementation, and engaging organization stakeholders through appointing implementation leaders and champions of the intervention. This includes the ability to execute the implementation of the intervention as planned and to continuously reflect on and evaluate the quality of implementation and intervention as it progresses.