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Table 2 Topic guide

From: `Just another incentive scheme’: a qualitative interview study of a local pay-for-performance scheme for primary care

Section Types of questions/prompts
Background What is your professional background?
  How many years have you been qualified?
  How many sessions do you work in a usual week?
  How would you describe your role in the practice?
General What has your involvement been in developing the local QOF?
What has your involvement been in implementing the local QOF within your practice?
Your opinions
Appropriateness of incentivised targets Robustness/credibility of evidence base
Relevance Clinical benefit
Local population needs
Fairness of indicators Distribution of workload
Scope for gaming
Implications for tackling inequalities
Acceptability of targets Compare to national targets
How does the local scheme work?
How does the scheme influence what you do? Ownership of change/engagement
Motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic)
Social comparison, performance management and surveillance
Organisational means employed to achieve targets
Consequences Effect on practice staff and consultations
- Benefits and unintended consequences
Effect on patients and patient care
- Benefits and unintended consequences
Change required to achieve targets
Are you still maintaining these targets even though the scheme has ended?
How could local QOF be modified and/or improved? How it should be introduced
How implemented on a day to day basis in the practice
Local versus national benefits and harms?
Anything else that you would like to add?