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Table 2 Examples where calendar landmarking instrument did not facilitate recall

From: A qualitative exploration of the use of calendar landmarking instruments in cancer symptom research

Participant Interviewee comments
Australian patient, colorectal cancer I: We’ve got some tools here to maybe help you remember. Was this last year?
R: Yep.
I: So that’s 2008. And We’ve got some events on this calendar that might help you remember when those symptoms first started. Was it winter or summer can you remember that sort of thing…
R: You really don’t know how bad my memory is, do ya … um….I’ve really got no idea.
I: Got no idea … birthdays … race rounds? Just roughly, when those symptoms started, [when] the bleeding first started.
R: I’ve got no idea. Honestly, no idea. Nuh.
Australian patient, breast cancer I: Hopefully this will all make it a bit easier. We’ve got some dates down on the calendar there which uh, the idea is to try and help you remember what you were doing around these times…
R: I’ve got no idea. Five days, yeah… my days blend in…I run my own business, I’ve got two teenaged girls….and you can forget it.
English patient, suspected lung cancer I: Do you remember exactly when it was when you went to see the doctor…?
R: No.
I: Was it before Christmas?
R: Oh yes.
I: I have here, it’s … a tool to help people remember, I don’t know how helpful it’s going to be. (Laughs) So it was before Christmas, was it after bonfire night, November was it?
R: Yes.
I: After bonfire night… after Armistice Day… no?
R: I’m trying to think… It’s got to be November… I’m sorry, I really can’t remember.
English patient, suspected lung cancer I: So, do you think that was before Easter?
R: When would it be? It’s not so long ago, is it?
I: Was it before the Royal wedding?
R: Well you see this’ these are the letters for the whole, when I was going to get… now that one was the 10th May.
I: So is that before…?
R: So it would have been before that, yeah.. Yes, so from… it would be the back end of um, it would be the back end of ah, ah, back end of um, April.
I: Back end of April. So was that around all the public holidays and the Royal wedding and Easter? Does that ring a bell now that time?
R: No, that’s the one…that’s the last [xray] that got took, that one.